Facilities & Programs Management

Youth Elite Sports (YES!) also provides management of town, school, and private athletic and sports programs and facilities. Due to the lean economic times and sharp decline of school and township budgets devoted to sports, athletics and healthy living, many schools and townships are slashing their athletic programs and their budgets. Under our outsourcing program, YES! manages schools and township athletic programs by saving districts and townships thousands of dollars in salaries, insurance, equipment and apparel and other related expenses while doing what we do best --- providing cost effective athletic services including programs, coaches, equipment and apparel.

Likewise, YES! manages individually owned facilities to make those facilities more profitable as they face increasing competition. Unlike others, because YES! is rooted in providing leagues, tournaments, camps and clinics across a spectrum of sports AND locations, YES! has the unique ability to bring those same services and programs to your facility and the networking and grassroots experience to make your facility profitable all year long!

Say YES! and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your program and/facility better!


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