Jersey Elite Futsal Information

Jersey Elite Winter Futsal League 2020 Information
meeting will last approximately one hour)

Our online registration system and mobile app will allow you to register your team without having to make a payment at the time of registration. This new feature was added because many teams want to "register" but are still in the process of collecting fees, roster info., etc. from your parents. You do not have to pay at the time of registration. Your registration is just a firm commitment of your participation. Payment can be made at a later date online or by mail. 


Roster Size

The minimum roster size is 5 players.  The maximum roster size is 12 players.  The complete rules, with the roster sizes, can be found on the website. Many "outdoor" teams divide their teams into two futsal teams.  You can roster players on both teams so long as that player is from the same club (and, of course, meets all other eligibility requirements).


Player Carding 

We accept player cards from all major outdoor leagues.  A player does not have to be "carded" however in order to play.  If a player does not have a card, we will accept a photo and birth certificate of that player.  There are no additional fees for carding.


Referee Fees 

The referee fees are included in the registration. There are no additional fees.



At the time of registering your team online, you will be asked for your preferred (1) location and (2) day of the weekend (Saturday or Sunday or both).  Given the participation numbers, ALL locations will have games on both days so we do not anticipate any problems with scheduling games at your preferred location and day.  However, you will never be assigned games on both days on any given weekend (everyone needs at least one day of the weekend to themselves). As some teams have done in the past, you can obviously register to play games on Saturdays and Sundays at different locations (for example, Saturday games at Deptford; Sunday games at Berlin).


Each team will play two 30-minute games per day. Your game schedule will be in either one or two formats: back-to-back or play-sit-play. You will never have more than a 30 minute wait between games.


Thanks and we hope this is responsive to many of the questions you have had.  


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the Jersey Elite Winter Futsal Leagues.



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