June 1-2 Report

*Please note this is public information and is considered news based on the observations made Sunday, June 2, 2019 during Youth Elite Sports Summer Slam.

Championship Sunday at the Youth Elite Sports Summer Slam did not disappoint. Close games that went down to the wire with electrifying plays, great defensive stops and outstanding coaching adjustments. 

14U - South Jersey Hurricanes
15U - 215 Swag
16U - Ocean Renegades 
17/18U - CCE

Listed below are standouts from the YES Summer Slam

Zyaire Fleming

8th grade (14U)

AAU - South Jersey Jazz


Very physical forward. Has a great feel for where the ball is going to be which helps his defensive efforts on the help side. Relentless in the full court and a good finisher in traffic. Nothing flashy about this kid. All grit and grind. This summer should be focused on ball handling & changing pace. Force to be reckoned with heading into high school.

Bryant Chok 

8th grade (14U)

High School - Cherokee
AAU - Peak Skills

Coach Preston of Peak Skills has been adamant about this kid taking charge and controlling the offense. Bryant was able to respond in a huge manner. Playmaking skills were on full display alomg with the jumper. Heading into high school Bryant’s focus should be getting strong and using AAU games to become more aggressive.

Jacob Brownlee

8th grade (14U)

High School - Shawnee 
AAU - Peak Skills

Shooter! Nice touch mid-range and long-range. There aren’t many kids that can hit the mid-range consistently in 8th grade. Seems like such a lost art in our game. Loved Jacob’s use of the mid-range jumper. Good slasher in the half court set as well. Jacob has a good upside to him. If he commits to the gym he’ll be a productive high school player and has a shot at college ball, but that’s a long road ahead. Keep working!

Cody Blocker

11th grade (17U)

High School - Central Regional HS 
AAU - Ocean Renegades 

Tough shot maker. Didn’t see a shot he didn’t like. Definitely should take a better selection of shots, but he can hit those shots that your coach looks at you and says, “No!” And once you make it they just turn their heads. 

Good in transition. Shouldn’t get so down on himself, because he has a lot more basketball to play. Definitely can play on the collegiate level. 

Imeer Johnson 

10th grade (17U)

High School - Central Regional HS
AAU - Ocean Renegades

Strong with a will to win. Undersized forward, but doesn’t back down against opponents with size on him. Nice touch from the paint and a great screener. The way the game is now a days Imeer’s focus should be popping after the roll. If he can hit the 15-18 foot jumper constantly it will open up his game and his teammates. Young, so he has plenty of time.

Raymond Diggs 

12th grade (17/18U)

High School - Vineland HS

This unsigned senior is a relentless pitbull on the court. Range is an understatement. I saw this kid pull up from about 27-29 feet on multiple occasions. If anyone follows the NBA you know the line is closer than 27-29 feet. This is a high school student! Deserves a college home and will get one with a strong July. Small guard, but the way I described him you wouldn’t believe it and that’s how he plays. As he makes the transition into college playmaking and pick & roll should be his primary focus this summer. 

Aundrey Green 

12th grade (17/18U)

High School - Millville Senior High School 

Another unsigned senior that is the backcourt partner to Raymond Diggs for CCE’s AAU program. They compliment each other well, especially the way Aundrey controls pace and tempo. He knows when to dump the ball into the bigs, or when to push the ball in the open court, or even attack his defender find his shooters or score at the rim. Good combo guard that plays with a chip on his shoulder. As long as he can hit the 3 ball constantly a college coach will have a hard decision to make when it’s time for him to get rest, because his decision making is elite.

Nutrition Abdur-Rahmann

11th grade (17U)

High School - Atlantic County Institute of Technology
AAU - Shore Shotz AC

Nutrition is a solid 2-way wing. Very athletic and quick off of his feet. Natural instinct to score the ball and a willing leader. As Nutrition enters his senior year of HS the primary focus for him should be the overall mechanics for his jump shot. Not terrible, but the release is slow and ball placement changes shot to shot. This kid takes pride in defense. His length causes problems for opponents.

JJ Germann 

10th grade (15U)

High School - Egg Harbor Township
AAU - YW Ballers

JJ is tough to stop in transition and operates well in the half court set. Knows how to control the offense and play off the ball. Uses the pick & roll to set others up. Very unselfish with a smooth jump shot. One thing I noticed was JJ has to commit to being more of a willing defender. Teams are going to go at him knowing How dynamic he is on the offensive end.

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