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​Very impressed with the talent level on Father's Day Weekend at the Ball Nation One Day Basketball Tournament. Grades 4th-11th were all on display competing to prove who is the best in their grade levels. Other than the competition the one thing that stood out most was the honorable plaques YES! presented 3 special fathers with for their incredible integrity, strong-will and outstanding display of being a role model.

Team Hines - Reggie Hines
​Ryze - Malik Cox
215 Swag - Del Jackson, Jr.

 *Please note this is public information and is considered news based on the observations made Saturday, June 15, 2019 during Youth Elite Sports Ball Nation One Day Basketball Tournament at Total Turf Experience in Sewell, NJ.

Ball Nation One Day Basketball Tournament 

10U - WER1 Young and tough group of hoopers that play both ends. Run & gun on offense with their lightening quick guards. Not easy to find kids to buy in to being gritty on the defensive end. If this team stays together it is bound to leave a lasting impression on grassroots basketball. 

11U - Philly Astros - Pulled off an amazing comeback to win the championship against a well coached team in B.Y.R.D Elite. The pressure they applied in the second half fueled the comeback and secured the chip.

12U - South Jersey Jazz - The way the coach changed defense time to time seemed to have taken a toll on the speedy guards of 215 Swag. Second half was dominated by the Jazz and they controlled the game from then on.

13U Drills For Skills Sports - Tons of young & athletic wings that pass, cut, screen and replace. The constant player movement along with the ball movement helped them breeze through the 13U bracket.

14U - (Gold Bracket) - 215 Swag - Lineup consist of 6'0 and above from the Point Guard to the Center! Promising group heading into High School. Winning each game by double digits maybe playing up a grade may be more challenging. 

14U - (Silver Bracket) Hoop Dreams - Incredible wing players that ignite their defense which turns into offense for this group. Run, run, run... Solid athletes heading into High School.

15U - Role Model Elite Brown - Elite guard trio that compliment each other well. Feed off of each others energy to get a bucket or a stop on defense. Very well coached group that will run through a wall for him.

16U - (Gold Bracket) - JT Elite - Dominate group preparing for the NCAA Live Period. Every run one of their opponents went on they countered. Lengthy guards with strong rim protectors as their second line of defense. They will raise eyebrows this July!

16U (Silver Bracket) - Jersey Shore Predators - Ultimate team with an electrifying coaching staff that believes in their team. Runs plays thoroughly; lots of down screens with back door cuts which frees up shooters. Excited to catch this team again this summer.

17U - South Jersey Jazz - The 4th YES! championship for this age group. Tons of collegiate prospects grinding for the opportunity to be seen by a coach that will take a chance on them. One of the few teams that understand how to properly run a pick and roll and defend it.

Photos in order 10U-17U

10U WE-R1 Future - Shaun (Class of 2027) 
Lightening fast with the rock, aggressive defender, with a nice floater game. Good rebounder for his size. Shaun made sure the opposing teams' guards felt his presence on the defensive end. Keep an eye out on this young go getter.

​11U - Philly Astros - Noah Johnson (Class of 2026)
Johnson doesn’t take one play off! He attacks hard and he defends with a chip on his shoulder. Huge free-throws down the stretch capped off his team’s comeback to be crowned champions.

13U - Drills For Skills - Robert Conyer (Class of 2024)
Robert has great wing span with an athletic skill set. Knows how to fill the gaps in zones and doesn't force or rush shots. True team player with undeniable heart.

14U - 215 Swag - Yahmir Satterfield (Class of 2023)
High School - Imhotep Charter (PA)
Height - 6’1
Weight - 175
Satterfield looked as if he could be the team’s center, but as the games went on he started to bring the ball up the court. He’s very acrobatic, solid at the charity stripe and he passes the ball very well using good technique. Looking forward to seeing Satterfield a lot more in action. 

15U - Role Model Elite Brown - Ivan Martin
High School - Alexis Dupont High School (DE)
Height - 5’9 
Weight - 160
Ivan is 3-3 when 1st Love Basketball covers an event that he is playing in. This kid will be special if he continues on the path he is on. High IQ for the game and very coachable. Does what the team needs to win. If they needed to make a play Ivan delivered... If they needed a defensive stop Ivan delivered.. If they needed a rebound after the defensive stop Ivan delivered. Coaches put him on your radar. Mr. Delivery!

16U - JT Elite - Zubair Lee (Class of 2021)
High School - Eastern Regional High School (NJ)
Height - 6’4 
Weight - 165
Zubair is a highly active competitor. Boxing out before jumping for boards, diving for loose balls, making the extra pass and running the floor. Everything a coach wants to see in a wing Zubair Lee has the ability to do. This summer will determine what level he will be able to be effective at.

17U South Jersey Jazz -  Zach Manorowitz (Class of 2020)
High School - Pennsville High School (NJ)
Height - 6’0 
Weight - 165
He used his handle to dazzle his way around whenever he wanted to. Smooth outside shot with a tight handle package this kid has the make to play collegiate ball. 

Notable Prospects

10U - B.Y.R.D Elite - Jayvon Byrd (Class of 2027)
Good change of pace game, can stroke it from outside the arc as well as inside, sets his teammates up well & a willing defender. When things got tough best believe he was the answer.

11U - 215 Swag - Jasir Tyler (Class of 2026)
Tyler showed no signs of quitting this past weekend. When his team got down he kept his composure and still managed to play team ball. The small guard was always in the right spots on defense and showed a good offensive game with and without the ball.

12U - Team Hines - Chris Stowell (Class of 2025)
Coach Tyler Hines seems to have extreme confidence in this young man. He runs the offense fluently. Fearless playmaker and doesn't hesitate. Takes the right chances; has that thing where he can see things one play ahead.

​13U - Ryze - Shamar Cox (Class of 2024)
Cox was probably my favorite this passed weekend. A small guard with a high IQ and good scoring ability. He knocked down a ton of 3s this passed weekend, his mid-range game decent and he finished well at the basket. What I like about him most is that he has a lot of heart and he plays up a couple divisions.

14U - Hoop Dreams - Darius Bland (Class of 2023)
High School - Florence High School (NJ)
Height - 5'11
Weight - 144 lbs
Very active on defensive end. First man to the ball in the press which created scoring opportunities for his team from turnovers he forced. Very relentless on the boards and plays well in the post.

15U - Hoop Dreams - Logan Jones (Class of 2022)
High School - Holy Cross Prep (NJ)
Height - 6'0
Weight - 160lbs
Jones has D1 level talent. He'll be ready for varsity basketball this year and I expect him to perform at an elite level as a sophomore. Sneaky handles with a silky pull up jumper. Smooth post game and solid shooter. Runs the break with laser vision.

16U Jersey Shore Predators - Kiran Desai (Class of 2021)
High School - Monmouth regional HS (NJ)
Height - 6'3
Weight - 145 lbs
Normally I don’t do this, but this kid clearly resembles a Ricky Rubio on the basketball court that can score the ball. He’s a deadly spot up shooter and he can score off the dribble as well. Above average playmaker and solid defender.

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