June 22-23 Report

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The End of School JamFest did not disappoint. 12 divisions; 9 boys & 3 girls. From the feisty and scrappy grade school divisions to the poised and combative high school divisions every game had some suspense to it.

Very competitive and relentless teams were on full display. Teamwork and passion allowed the champions to prevail. Some skillful and dynamic individual players used their talent to help will their teams to victory.
 *Please note this is public information and is considered news based on the observations made Saturday & Sunday, June 22-23, 2019 during Youth Elite Sports End of School JamFest Basketball Tournament in Berlin, NJ.


9U/10U Boys - Prime Time 609 -  Shares the ball well. Runs the break as a unit and plays collective defense.

10U Girls - Team Elite - Made big improvements throughout the tournament to become champions. Winning each of their games by a combined 7 points they learned how to close out games better and better as the tournament played out.

10U/11U Boys Retro Hoops - Long and athletic young group that turns defense into offense.

11U Boys - Retro Hoops - Good post and perimeter play. Better second half team that goes on runs because of their relentless pursuit of the basketball. Does whatever it takes to win together!

12U Boys - Lindenwold Lions - This team actually is more successful in a more free-flowing game when it can space the court and find open shooters. They used this method to help them capture the championship.

12U Girls - Delaware Phenoms - The most position-less players from any team in the entire tournament. There's multiple girls on this team that can do so much on the floor. Very good in transition. Whoever grabs the rebound its off to the races.

13U Boys - Baker Hoops - Force on both sides of the ball. Solid gang rebounding group with excellent on court communication.

14U Boys - Lindenwold Lions - Experienced guards with quality depth on the entire team. Uses the pick and pop to their advantage with the guard lineups they use.

15U Boys - Lightening Cremini - Understands how to space the floor to operate on offense. Closes out on shooters well and they pack the paint on attacks to the basket forcing tons of turnovers.

16U Boys - Lindenwold Lions - Great day to be a Lindenwold Lion. Good system helps all players get touches on offense from top to bottom. Deep team and program.

17U Girls - South Jersey Soul - Nice size on this squad that can hit open jumpers. Being able to do that with their size will take them far to the next level. Plays with active hands and always makes the extra pass. Shot selection is very thought out as well.

17U Boys - All BaLL Elite - Their smothering pressure is key! Can swarm and overwhelm opponents but can rack up fouls in a tightly called game. Luckily they were able to control themselves to secure the championship.


10U - Primetime 609 - Kameron Fields (Class of 2027)
Controls tempo of the game from the point guard position. Shifty handle that could get to the cup and finish in the lane.

10U/11U - Peak Skills - Rachel
Crafty & Aggressive guard that can blow by defender. Can draw fouls and get to the line. Active defender. Sees the court well.

11U Cumberland County Royalty - James Lawson (Class of 2026)
Active defender with a good pull up jumpshot. Gets his other teammates involved with his ability to drive and kick.

12U - Team Domination - Deuce Maxey (Class of 2024)
Persistent to the basket and can finish through contact. Calm player who has an explosive game. Can heat up at any moment.

14U Peak Skills - Tyler Ligon (Class of 2023)
Picking pockets left & right all weekend Tyler made a name for himself on the defensive end. Finishes well with both hands in traffic; ultimate team player!

14U - Lindenwold Lions - David Haywood (Class of 2023)
High School - Overbrook High School
Height - 5’10
Weight - 110lbs
Pretty lengthy kid that should live in the weight room this summer to produce at the next level. Can get to the basket off the dribble and spot up to knock down open jumpers.

15U - Raptors - Zander Middleton (Class of 2022)
High School - Troy High School
Height - 5'11
Weight - 195lbs
Good passer and decision maker with and without the ball, which is key for his development as he continues his high school career. Respectable shooter with good defensive posture.

15U Lightning Crimeni - Ryan Kim (Class of 2022)
High School - Jericho High School
Height - 5’11
Weight - 128lbs
Kim’s 1st half performance was phenomenal. In transition he’s very tough to guard and you have to be honest when playing him. If you fall back or have your hand down he’ll make you pay. He also plays at his own pace.

15U - Media Mustangs - Saahir Lee (Class of 2022)
High School - Penncrest High School
Height - 5'10
Weight - 150lbs
Fast with the ball with strong finishing ability. Crazy court vision with a passion to set up teammates. Set the tone of defense the entire tournament.

15U - Lightning Crimeni - Finley Sheridan
High School - Calhoun High School
Height - 6’6
Weight - 175lbs
Uses his length and times blocks perfectly. Can handle the ball for his size with 1-2 combo moves and can see over defensive to make plays for his team. All around talent!

17U - All BaLL Elite - Gavin McNeil
High School - Appoquinimink High School (DE)
Height - 6’2
Weight - 155lbs
All around team player. Does all the grind work. Rebounding, setting screens, talking on defense, etc.
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