June 29-30 Report

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The last tournament before July. Summer ball is finally here and this is one of the most important seasons of basketball throughout the entire year. 

Summer is the time players should use to elevate their game. For the elementary and middle school level they use the summer season to put the new skills they've learned to use in their Travel/AAU games. Continue to develop and become an all-around hooper...seeing how basketball is becoming a position-less sport! Maybe a kid did not make the middle school basketball team and they're playing in the summer to gain more experience so they have a better shot to accomplish their goals. Parents, coaches, tournament organizers, and teammates should take it as serious as the kid that wants to use this time to develop.

At the high school level those players use the summer season to make a final impression on college coaches during the July live period.
  • Division I Men's Basketball 2018-19 Evaluation Period also known as 'Live Period'  ends July 28, 2019
  • Division I Women's Basketball 2018-19 Evaluation Period also known as 'Live Period'  ends July 25, 2019
  • Division II Men's Basketball 2018-19 Evaluation Period also known as 'Live Period'  ends August 1, 2019
  • Division II Women's Basketball 2018-19 Evaluation Period also known as 'Live Period'  ends August 1, 2019
  • Division III has no set NCAA Division 3 Recruiting Calendars. College coaches at the NCAA Division 3 level can contact and recruit without certain dead periods, contact periods, and quiet periods.

Summer is not the time to take off. The summer season is the time to go the hardest. 
There's going to come a time when winter will ask what have you been doing all summer.....
 *Please note this is public information and is considered news based on the observations made Saturday & Sunday, June 29-30, 2019 during Youth Elite Sports Shoot For The Stars Basketball Tournament at Total Turf Experience in Sewell, NJ.
10U/11U Boys - Elizabeth Wolf Pack
11U Boys - Kings Unlimited 
11U Girls - BBA
12U Boys - Delaware Vipers
​13U Boys - South Jersey Premier
13U Girls - South Jersey Stars
14U Boys - Philly Ballhawks
15U Boys - Bottom Ballers 
16U Boys - Bottom Ballers
16U/17U Girls - South Jersey Stars

Notable Standouts

10U - JonJay - Taj Medley (Class of 2027)
Brings great energy every game which grants him a ton of offensive and defensive rebounds. Goes up strong. As he continues to develop he will blossom into something special seeing that he plays with something you can't teach; Energy & effort!

10U - South Jersey Premier - Lucas Debiaso
Kid is a true point guard that can score. His head is always up, he’s a good no-look passer for his age. He’s also a solid defender.

11U - 215 Swag - Benito Scott (Class of 2026)
Patient guard with good speed and court vision. Understands pace. Doesn’t remain at the top of the key once the ball leaves his hands which is something young guards tend to struggle with.

11U Elizabeth Wolfpack - Raheem Clark (Class of 2026)
Clark plays both sides of the ball really well for his age. He’s an unselfish guard that can score. His presence changes a lot of games. Let's the game come to him with a smooth handle. 

11U - Kings Unlimited - Jayden Hollingshead (Class of 2026)
Uses the floater well. Knows how to get into the teeth of the defense to create for his teammates. Very good slasher and on ball defender. I would love to see Jayden take less threes and attack more. He's a beast off the dribble.

13U - Hamilton Nighthawks - Joe Lemly (Class of 2024)
Extended coach on the floor. Streaky shooter. Would love to see him improve his shooting off the dribble which would elevate his game.

13U JonJay - Derrick Stevens (Class of 2024)
The left-handed guard is not to be left open. He made defenses plays all weekend. Would love to see him be more aggressive with the rock and take over the games earlier to show his dominance. 

13U - SJ Premier - Elijah Brown (Class of 2024)
Brown’s inside game didn’t go unnoticed as he racked up more than half of his points there all weekend. He has a soft touch at the free-throw, but with a mid-range jump shot his inside game would be so much easier. He also uses his length to block a ton of shots.

14U - S.M.M - Dylan Shepherd (Class of 2023)
High School - Tower Hill High School (DE)
Height - 5’10
Weight - 150lbs
Shepherd plays with so much confidence and energy like any baller should. The way he attacks the rim no one’s going to get in his way once his athleticism comes through.

14U - S.M.M - Dean Shepherd (Class of 2023)
High School - Tower Hill High School (DE)
Height - 5’8
Weight - 125lbs
Shepherd’s knowledge for time and score is really going to help him at the HS level. He can really shoot the ball and he gets out in the open floor for easy lay-ups.

14U - Life in Christ - Brandon Bermudez (Class of 2023)
High School - Pennsgroove High School (NJ)
Height - 5’4
Weight - 123lbs
Knock down 3pt shooter! Corner sniper, but needs improvement on ball handling & decision making.

15U JonJay - Jaylen Shippen-Timms (Class of 2022)
High School - Lower Merion High School 
Height - 5’10
Weight - 130lbs
Team player that doesn’t care who scores. You draw up the play and he understands the team needs to score and not necessarily him. He wears number 3, and the game actually resembles CP3! Watch out for Jaylen Shippen-Timms leading the charge at Kobe Bryant's alma mater, Lower Merion HS.

15U - Bottom Ballers - Jacob Beccles (Class of 2022)
Height - 6’1
Weight - 160lbs
Beccles is one of those athletic kids where if he’s up before you it’s best that you don’t jump. He used his handle to dazzle his way around whenever he wanted to. With an outside shot and a tighter handle package he’ll be really tough to defend.

16U - Bottom Ballers - Nymir Porter (Class of 2021)
High School - Eastern Academy Charter School 
Height - 6’0
Weight - 190lbs
Porter showed off his shooting range all weekend. Hand up or down he will pull the the trigger. He also finished strong in traffic all weekend long.

17U - South Jersey Starz - Madison Brestle (Class of 2020)
High School - Atlantic City High School (NJ)
Height - 5’0
Weight - 115lbs
Brestle’s hustle on both ends of the floor earned her team a championship. She was the driving force when the game came down to the wire.

Dynamic Duos
13U - Hamilton Nighthawks - Darien Carthan & Jacob Dormevil (Class of 2024)
Carthan was up top on defense causing havoc and Dormevil was in the back line protecting the rim. Poetry in motion on the defensive end. Making opposing guard turn the ball over & burn timeouts. Carthan is lead guard that understands the importance of moving the ball. Should improve his speed. Dormevil is the ruler of the boards. If he starts running the floor he’ll take his game to another level. Every disciplined on defense. 

15U South Jersey Premier - Isaiah Glenn & Anthony Colin (Class of 2022)
High School - Egg Harbor Township High School (NJ)
Height - Isaiah - 5’10, Anthony - 6'2
Weight - Isaiah - 145lbs, Anthony - 175lbs
Glenn is just one of those kids with pure talent. He sees the game so well and doesn’t try to do nothing he can’t do. Colin used his strength and size to bully through defenders for easy finishes all day Saturday. With a decent handle and a soft touch jump shot he’ll see his game take off. Both very athletic that uses it to their advantage against slower, less athletic opponents.

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